How do I use this site?

mSpace 2.0 is an advanced tool for browsing and searching within collections. By utilising both the Column Browser and Search together you will be able to quickly find the articles you're looking for.

1. Column Browser

The Column Browser is a powerful tool for filtering the articles you wish to see. Simply click on an item in the list to make it selected, or click on it again to deselect it.

More advanced selections can be achieved by doing the following:

1.1 Back Highlights

After having made a selection you may notice that some items in Columns to the left of the Column you clicked on have a different colour to normal. This is known as 'back highlighting' and is used to represent the selections in that Column that would have led to the item you selected being in the filter.

Back Highlight

In the example above the user has selected 'Adley, Lucien' in the 'Creator' Column and '1858' has been automatically back highlighted in the 'Year' Column. This tells us that Adley composed at least one work in the year 1858 and that should we also select '1858' in the Year Column, 'Adley' will still be present in the 'Creator' Column.

1.2 Reordering the Columns

Columns can be reordered to change the focus of your browsing. Simply click and hold on the title of the Column you wish to move and drag it to its new position.

1.3 Resizing the Columns

Columns can be resized both vertically and horizontally. To change a Columns width hover over the white space to the right of the Column and the click and drag the dotted line that appears. To change the Columns height hover over the whitespace below the Columns and click and drag the dotted line that appears.

2. Search

The Search box can be used to perform a simple keyword search over all the articles available or used to futher refine a filter created by the Column Browser.